Flokispin, Vote to win

Time to Sail West

$FKS is the utility token of the Flokispin Ecosystem.


The Flokispin Ecosystem


Spin to Win

Play the flokispin game to earn more $FKS

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Flokispin Skol NFTs

Gain unlimited access to play spin without using your $FKS tokens

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Core Values

Community Driven

The Flokispin project is 100% community driven, we would keep growing the community organically to achieve a community of true vikings in order to sail smoothly

The community is the heart and soul of Flokispin.

Huge Burn mechanism

The spin is designed to acquire $FKS tokens used to play spin, where 50% of the daily spin tokens accrued in the daily spin vault is burnt, and the other 50% is transferrd to the spin vault for reward and long sustainability.

The burn is done every 24hrs

Liquidity Pool Regeneration

A certain percentage (2%) from buy and sell tax is use to pair BNB to generate LP token in order to increase the initial liquidity pool on launch

Flokispin users and holders will be long term benefactors of the pool as the price increases overtime.


Flokispin Statistics

Circulating Supply


Flokispin contract address (Not Yet Added)


Total Supply: 100,000,000 $FKS
6% buy/sell tax
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Flokispin holders


A rendering of Floki blowing in a viking horn.

Join our Shill Army for Rewards

You can join us by shilling flokispin and get loyalties reward


Where to buy Flokispin

Flokispin token is not yet live on any exchange. Join us for more info


Join our Developing Community


Flokispin Timeline

Jan 11th, 2023
Flokispin BETA TEST

Flokispin is launched (BETA)

Flokispin smart contract was deployed and stealth launched on pancakeswap

Jan 11th, 2023
Flokispin BETA TEST

Flokispin Dapp is live (BETA)

Flokispin's full functional Spin and Win Dapp goes live

Jan 12th, 2023
Flokispin BETA TEST

First Spin and Win Reward Distributed (BETA)

Daily spin reward distributed to winners

Jan 22nd, 2023

KYC and AUDIT with Gempad Partners Cognitos

The Flokispin team has already been verified and smart contracted audited by Cognitos' team

Jan 25th, 2023
Token Sale

Private deal with Investors and Partners

Flokispin tean would have a private sale in the community

Mid March, 2023

Trade Extension

Flokispin launch on Uniswap

May 10th, 2023

NFT Development

Flokispin NFT (Skol)

June, 2023

V2 Marketing

Flokispin v2 marketing


Phase 2

Flokispin phase 2 developemnt


Flokispin Team